About Us

Pearlfinders supplies an important gap in the market for companies selling high value business services. We provide credible and well-researched reasons for their sales team to connect with senior budget-holders.

To do this, we contact organisations going through change for a variety of reasons, and then speak directly with their senior decision-makers to establish the correct grounds for potential suppliers to make a pitch for their business. We then add advice on timing and approach, accurate contact data, D&B financial data, sector and trend briefings, Salesforce integration, social plugins and a range of other tools to enable a full-service sales platform.

No other provider comes close to the depth, quality and scale of Pearlfinders’ product. We know it works because every day, clients in marketing, HR, IT and sponsorship tell us about pitches, briefs, new account wins, and current client development they have secured exclusively as a result of using Pearlfinders.

We are a community of analysts, researchers and data experts, but more importantly we are community of business development professionals who interview over 35,000 business decision-makers each year across all industries and from Seattle to Beijing. Our client base ranges from Chicago Bulls to Oracle and from Porter Novelli to Leo Burnett. We supply them and over 10,000 users worldwide with a reason to connect.


Senior Team

Bill Colbourne – Founder & CEO

Selling to any business without knowing its specific needs is hugely inefficient. Whilst we, like everyone else, enthusiastically embrace technology to help achieve this, we will always place the human element centrally in the mix.


Denese Colbourne - Founder & COO

I'm always amazed at what decision-makers tell us, especially when it’s a massive multi-national and they say that no one’s ever bothered to contact me about this before. The level of real insight that this access provides coupled with the supporting data, makes Pearlfinders truly unique.


Anthony Cooper – Managing Director

Pearlfinders continues to push the boundaries of what can be expected from a business information company. Innovation drives us. We’ve grown into new territories and created products used by the some of the world’s largest companies by constantly raising the bar and enhancing our service. 


Mike Thorne – DepuTY MANAGING Director

It’s the feedback and success stories from clients that continues to drive me. Our aim has always been to equip proactive, energetic individuals with the information they need to connect with new prospects and generate revenue. I’m regularly told by clients we are as integral to their day as LinkedIn or Salesforce – that Pearlfinders is the first thing they turn on in the morning!


Adam Killip – Marketing Director

In a world where we all need to be prepared to adjust to dramatic, unexpected change, I feel tremendous pride in Pearlfinders' ability to consistently anticipate future opportunity. From the specific, forward-looking requirements of the world's top spending companies we interrogate and interpret the vast, sector-wide shifts that The Pearlfinders Index accurately predicts.