New business in any industry is not a simple task. Pearlfinders was started in 2004 to help make it a little easier. Its premise was straightforward; that for business information to have any real value it must address the challenges an organisation faces and that the only way to achieve this level of understanding is to speak directly to the decision-maker involved.

Pearlfinders therefore fills a critical gap, ensuring a human element sits firmly alongside the technology aspects, and in this way transforming business information into actionable business intelligence. Many of our users tell us that Pearlfinders is the first thing they look at when they get into the office and remains a vital window on their revenue generating world wherever their working day takes them. 

Having begun with corporate intelligence based solely on M&A, today we discover the challenges and agenda of businesses all over the world in six different markets. Pearlfinders gives our users a reason to connect, making their lives easier and giving them an edge. That is the founding principle which remains at the heart of our mission.