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From the C-suite down to the front-line, Pearlfinders' platform helps over 10,000 business development professionals worldwide to win, grow and retain accounts.


The better you understand the actual challenges your prospects face, the more tailored and relevant your approaches will be. Pearlfinders enables this via first-hand interviews with the senior buyers in your target markets. Our analysts monitor breaking corporate developments, uncovering high value opportunities in real-time for our clients. Pearlfinders insight, data that is 100% accurate at the time of report publication, and scheduled reviews all combine to make your outreach more compelling and credible, differentiating you from competitors shooting in the dark.

“I've been using Pearlfinders for several years now and I can confidently point to multiple five and six figure wins where their insight was integral to my success” - Siegel + Gale


Like a radar always on and silently sweeping in the background, Pearlfinders Accounts Tracking compiles key content from thousands of our buyer interviews. It provides comprehensive early-warning on emerging agenda across your portfolios. The information may signify either potential threat or opportunity to grow accounts. We also track breaking corporate developments, new decision-makers joining and fresh investments being planned. Our organogram-style contact pages allow you to quickly identify new decision-makers to cross and up-sell to.

"For the past five years Pearlfinders has consistently provided me with actionable insights on brands we're interested in working with in the UK, Europe and Asia" - Wanda Sports


Pearlfinders allows marketers to target campaigns based on the actual challenges being faced by common groups of decision-makers and industry sets. But it also enables precise timing of communications against purchasing intentions and individual and company timescales. Our data is fully exportable, verified every 3 months, and integrates easily into any CRM system.

"If my desktop was a laboratory, Pearlfinders would be the first machine I'd turn on" - Connect Group


Leveraging the network of your organisation’s leaders and senior executives is essential to support sales processes and maximise growth. But though they naturally want to make a difference here, they are time-poor. Pearlfinders cuts through the clutter to highlight the plans of major brands and decision-makers in an easily digestible format. This allows the senior team to participate fully by identifying key people and influencers they can quickly engage with to initiate or support revenue generating opportunities.

"What I like about Pearlfinders is their ability to speak directly with senior, and influential, decision-makers about actual priorities" - RHS

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you with it.
"Like all businesses mine has challenges - some expected, some not. I need suppliers to proactively solve these so we can grow."
Pearlfinders' integrated platform delivers uniquely tailored, compelling reasons to connect.
"I think Millennial is a mindset not an age group. How do we engage audiences with wide interests without lumping them together?"
Pearlfinders gets to the heart of the matter, questioning beyond the obvious to identify key challenges. It makes intelligent selling easier.
"Good timing. We'll shortly be announcing a review, but if anyone thinks they've the best ideas on this they should just get in touch."
Talking to over 35,000 buyers a year about their plans enables a richer understanding of the needs of boardrooms than any other intelligence provider.
"With such an iconic brand my hands are tied in some areas but elements of marketing do need shaking up."
Pearlfinders tracks 20,000 job moves annually. Newly arrived decision-makers share with us agenda, preferences and ambitions for their brands.
"I want to create discussion around the brand wherever possible - on social media, in pubs and supermarkets."
We make sales activity more focused and profitable, mapping out business-cycles and best times to approach budget-holders.
"I need to improve speed of delivery on tech projects. We predict more disruptive entrants like Apple Pay, so have to be able to react fast."
Pearlfinders is helping the world's largest business suppliers up-their-game to higher value solution-selling.
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