One report, multiple solutions…

Pearlfinders research is solution neutral. Our analysts’ goal is to uncover key challenges being faced by a brand without prescribing the solution. Many of our reports discuss multiple disciplines of marketing, empowering clients to approach with tailored solutions based on their area of specialism, while all aimed at solving the core challenge being faced by the brand.

Below is an example of a recent conversation with a Marketing Director at Campbell’s Soup. During our research he discussed a complete relaunch of the brand in the UK, short-term events it’s planning, the timescales for greater ATL campaigns, and its goal to appeal to a younger generation.

Having a solution to the underlying challenges being faced by marketers allows clients from all walks of marketing to connect with senior decision-makers in a uniquely relevant manner.

Campbell's Soup outlines potential for support to relaunch a heritage brand to the UK market

The decision-maker: Pearlfinders interviewed a director responsible for marketing across EMEA

The challenge: Campbell’s in the UK was only relaunched relatively recently, and as such it’s ‘building from scratch’. The current priority is establishing a B2B distribution network with retailers across the country. It wants to raise awareness of the brand in the UK again, pointing out that although Campbell’s is a globally recognised brand, in the UK it was marketed under the Batchelor’s name while being produced by Premier Foods, and has not enjoyed a strong retail presence for a number of years.

Short-term priorities: Events are going to play a key role, and are the main marketing focus at present; the brand uses these to build relationships with distributors and retailers and also as a means of generally raising awareness of its return to the market among potential stockists.

Mid-term opportunities: As the business expands and develops a stronger retail presence in the UK, it expects its appetite to outsource to increase. At some point next year, he expects the brand to begin appointing a suite of agencies and investing in more mass-market, ATL campaigns designed to raise consumer awareness. The decision-maker feels like he is building the brand up from scratch, therefore you should look to provide support at both a strategic and implementation level, delivering an end to end solution for the UK launch of a heritage brand.

Demographic: The brand has a strong heritage, particularly in America, and obviously looks to leverage this within its marketing, however there is also a focus on making it appeal to a younger generation of consumers – those under 35 are the biggest group of interest. In the US this has involved forming brand partnerships with the Star Wars franchise and investing in healthier NPD designed to appeal to a younger, more health conscious generation.

Action: In the short-term you should look to build your presence with the brand through thought-leadership on FMCG trends, and brand launches in the current UK climate.