The Essential 20

From the 918 companies in the top 2,000 that increased media spend, Pearlfinders has profiled 20 brands to watch in 2018. 


KFC replaced the Colonel with his wife Claudia Sanders and McDonald's flipped its M to a W, Johnnie Walker rebranded as Jane Walker and Uber launches the #DrivenWomen campaign - it feels like virtually every major brand was looking to get in on the International Women’s Day action this year.

Given the powerful global movement to combat abuse and harassment, advocate for women's rights, wage equality and representation marketers across all sectors are rethinking how they engage with female audiences - over 30% are increasing budgets to achieve this (Source: Pearlfinders Index 2018).

For our latest series of briefings, we explored some of the challenges senior marketers across a range of sectors are contemplating as they strive for relevance and engagement among female customer groups.

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Switching Allegiance

We've profiled 10 major brands who've told us they're shaking up their sponsorship portfolios to make way for partnerships within new areas of sport, arts, culture and entertainment this year.

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Top 40 Watch List

We've spoken to all of the leading players and challengers in the sector with a concise summary of our insight from each brand. 

Power Moves

A new marketing decision-maker appointment can be one of the most powerful drivers for change in any brand.

We've created two essential guides that compiles our collective insight on major UK and US brands that all have welcomed new top-tier marketers for 2018.

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High Flyers

If you're hoping to add an airline brand to you client list this year – or planning a new business campaign to build your profile with the major players - our High Flyers special briefing is for you.

Drawing on Pearlfinders extensive insight across the sector globally, we’ve outlined the top-line marketing priorities of 40 of the world's leading airlines along with detailed profiles on BA, Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific and FlyDubai.

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Reliable Sauces

With bottles boasting original recipes, secret ingredients and family-sourced names, the UK condiments category has a history rich in heritage – as a result, these brands naturally search for a great deal more than simple awareness. From understanding ever-shifting consumer preferences to NPDs that can deliver on increasing calls for healthier ingredients, condiments marketers are trying their hand at everything from putting fresh spins on existing ideas (enter Heinz Mayochup) to finding new uses for established products (introducing: Branston Pickle Cottage Pie).

If you’re keen to understand the marketing plans, priorities and challenges of the UK’s best-loved condiments brands, our first in a series of Pearlfinders briefings on the FMCG sector is for you. Drawing on our extensive insight across the condiments segment, we’ve profiled the marketing priorities of 10 reliable UK sauces.

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Putting the wind back in your sales


For many businesses, 2018 has been a year of procrastination, indecision and caution. Forgivable perhaps, given muddled Brexit negotiations and the daunting task of re-calibrating to a post-GDPR marketplace. But sitting on your hands is rarely an effective commercial strategy – and besides, this option is no longer on the table when it comes to your data.

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Marketing Moves

Pearlfinders has added over 15,000 marketing budget-holders to our revenue generation platform so far in 2018. In addition, we’ve conducted indepth analysis on the 768 most senior appointments that you can’ t afford to miss - and picked 20 of them for this report.

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Are brands appointing more women to senior roles?

Since the start of 2018, Pearlfinders has added details of over 15,000 new marketing budget-holders to our platform.

Having conducted detailed analysis of a representative sample of 768 senior appointments at the top 2,000 spending brands in the UK, it’s clear that some sectors are doing a better job than others when it comes to gender equality across marcoms leadership teams. Pearlfinders' Deputy MD, Mike Thorne, shares his thoughts on our most recent findings.

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Top Media Spenders of 2017

We have a definitive list of the top 2,000 media spenders during the first six months of 2018, which channels they prioritised, and how budgets have shifted. At the year’s half-way point, we’ve compared and contrasted the data with the corresponding period last year – and identified those brands whose spend is on the up. As you might expect, there are a number of new entrants, surprise top-spenders and sector shifts.

This guide gives you a brief overview of some of the key trends we’ve uncovered – enabling you to pinpoint hot prospects, industries and segments increasing budgets, as well as giving you a snapshot of which channels brands are prioritising. Our monthly and annual Media Spend Data – in partnership with ebiquity – is just one element of the Pearlfinders revenue generation platform, used by our clients every day to identify new prospects, enrich new business outreach and support client development initiatives.

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The CSR 40

In today’s socioeconomic climate, the demand for transparency from the world’s largest companies on matters of health, environment, diversity and gender equality has never been greater. With brands across Europe racing to showcase their philanthropy – and adhere to a constant stream of new regulations - Pearlfinders has this year seen CSR briefs in the consumer goods sector rise 10%, investment in projects to reduce emissions more than triple and brand inclusivity become a necessity for both the customer aquisition and staffing of many blue-chip brands.

With PR, sponsorship, branding, strategy and social media activity all effective channels of CSR investment, identifying where the best opportunities for your organisation lie can be a challenge. Pearlfinders latest briefing takes a look at 40 major brands investing in their corporate reputations, their CSR objectives, current marketing activity and the key decision-makers in charge of budgets. In addition, we’ve analysed our data to identify the top sectors for sustainable investment, taken a closer look at financial brands’ activity and categorised our top 40 into the following focus areas: health, environment, community and diversity.

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The Great British High Street

On the 20th anniversary of Amazon launching – not to mention the 10 year anniversary of Woolworths’ spontaneous combustion - it’s hard to recall a time when the UK retail sector wasn’t in crisis mode.

But for every Maplin, Wine Rack and Henri Lloyd, in 2018 there are hundreds of British retailers that are refusing to go down without a fight. This will of course mean exploring different marketing strategies, shifting budgets and budgetholders and appointing new agencies in virtually every area.

For Pearlfinders’ latest briefing, we’ve profiled 30 major UK high street retailers to give you a snapshot of the challenges, changing attitudes and aspirations to equip you with essential data and insight to support your outreach.

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What's Next for the Casual Dining Sector

Depending on which side of the table you’re sitting on, we’re either in the midst of a booming casual dining renaissance or the brink of a mass extinction.

To remain relevant and visible in the midst of a major transitional period, successful casual dining brands require the full spectrum of marketing services. From robust research and strategic guidance to pop-ups, PR and content to drive awareness and excitement. They also need to regularly refresh in-store design, menus, and online channels, and utilise the latest technology to offer loyalty incentives, discounts, referral schemes and payment options in line with consumer expectations.

Our latest briefing profiles 20 UK casual dining restaurant chains to identify how they are responding to sector-wide challenges and evolving consumer attitudes and aspirations...

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