One report, multiple solutions…

Pearlfinders research is solution neutral. Our analysts’ goal is to uncover the key challenges being faced by a brand without prescribing a specific sport, event or sponsorship package to solve them. This empowers clients to approach with tailored solutions based on their individual properties, aimed at solving the core challenge being faced by the brand.

Below is an example of a recent report we produced following a conversation with a marketer at Rolls Royce. During our research it discussed a re-positioning of the brand, and targeting a new breed of HNWI that’s not previously been reached.

Having a solution to the underlying challenges being faced by marketers allows clients from all walks of sponsorship to connect with senior decision-makers in a uniquely relevant manner, tailoring proposals to how their solution is the most appropriate to help the brand achieve its overarching goals.

Marketer at Rolls-Royce discusses challenge of changing brand perceptions through high-end event partnerships

The decision-maker: Pearlfinders interviewed a marketer responsible for Arts, Experiential Events & Partnerships, who handles planning, activation and delivery of the brand’s partnerships across Europe.

The challenge: During the interview, Pearlfinders is told that Rolls-Royce must reach a newer, younger audience of HNWIs. It needs to overcome outdated brand perceptions of it being associated with being a “traditional chauffer car”. Because of its well-known distinctive heritage, challenging this perception to reach a more modern audience is increasingly difficult.

Potential solutions: It wants to partner with high-end properties and events that can maintain Rolls-Royce’s premium positioning and high levels of awareness, as well as convey a newer, forward-thinking, modern brand. In addition, these must increase brand engagement and interaction, so partnerships have to be more than just a about displaying a logo. Instead, they should focus on experiential opportunities and ways of sending out the right messaging about the brand. 

Traditional heritage branding will become less of a priority in an attempt to rid Rolls-Royce of some of its historic perceptions. Its new positioning is also reflected by the brand’s focus on new product development, with models such as the Rolls-Royce Dawn clearly demonstrating its modern edge.

Planned areas of investment: It pointed to partnerships both in the world of sport and arts and culture as offering good potential in providing the brand with opportunities for increased customer engagement and interaction. 

Guidance: As part of BMW, sponsorship and agency appointments are decided upon at group level, and this is where the agency roster is held. For this reason, he advised taking a two pronged approach:-

  1. Send proposals to the BMW team, with full details of the purchasing team disclosed. 
  2. Build a direct relationship with the interviewed marketer, which will then result in them recommending you to BMW and coach you through the procurement process.