One report, multiple solutions…

Pearlfinders research is solution neutral. Our analysts’ goal is to uncover key IT challenges being faced by a company, without prescribing a specific solution. This empowers clients to approach with tailored solutions based on their individual offering, aimed at solving the core challenge being faced by the business.

Below is an example of a recent report we produced following a conversation with an IT Director at ISS, a facilities company that turns over £665m. During our research it discussed the challenges of working in such a fast growing business, and some potential areas of investment being considered.

Understanding what’s ultimately trying to be achieved by directors of the business, allows clients from all walks of the IT world to connect with senior decision-makers in a uniquely relevant manner, tailoring proposals to how their solution is the most appropriate to help the company and individual achieve its over-arching goals.

IT Director at ISS (UK) reveals focus on better connecting with site-based workers and building infrastructure flexibility (South East

The decision-maker: Pearlfinders interviewed the IT Director, who’s responsible for technology investment in the UK side of the business, reporting into the CIO who’s based in Copenhagen.

The challenge: Pearlfinders was told that it’s a busy time for the business as it moves UK offices to allow for headcount growth. In the UK alone, the company employs approximately 43,000 employees (globally around 505,000). The company has two main ongoing focuses within IT:

  • Developing communications infrastructure and applications geared towards its highly mobile, out of office workforce is crucial. This includes offsite workers embedded in other companies, where communications and feedback is key to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction across its UK client base (primarily built up of enterprise level firms).
  • Another need is for scalable and flexible infrastructure globally, which can easily absorb the pressures of new contracts or acquisitions (which can sometimes result in the addition of thousands of new employees).

Investment areas: The business has started using Azure for cloud services and is considering investment in SaaS, including Office365. 

Advice for potential suppliers:-

  • Think about the market the company operates in. Competing with companies such as G4S, Servest or Serco is vital, meaning that suppliers with experience working in the outsourcing sector need to demonstrate it.
  • Reputation is key. The company has a number of large clients, any new technology rollout needs to be fully compliant with the security needs of clients, so look to illustrate security credentials.