One report, multiple solutions…

Pearlfinders research is solution neutral. Our analysts’ goal is to uncover key HR challenges being faced by a company without prescribing a specific solution. This empowers clients to approach with tailored solutions based on their individual offering, aimed at solving the core challenge being faced by the brand.

Below is an example of a recent report we produced following a conversation with an HR Director at Telefonica. During our research it discussed wanting to become more global in terms of its HR delivery, as well as wanting to looking at innovative new benefits and training initiatives. 

Understanding what’s ultimately trying to be achieved by directors of the business, allows clients from all walks of the HR world to connect with senior decision-makers in a uniquely relevant manner, tailoring proposals to how their solution is the most appropriate to help the company and individual achieve its over-arching goals.

Director at Telefónica discusses HR technology trends, HR globalisation and gamification in learning

The decision-maker: Pearlfinders interviewed a director responsible for people development & engagement at Telefónica, at an arm of the company which operates the commercial brands Movistar, O2 and Vivo. 

The challenge: Pearlfinders was told that the company is currently changing the way that it approaches all areas of HR in order to deliver more to the business. The capabilities of HR staff across the business are also to be reviewed.

Telefónica, and other companies more generally, must be increasingly aware of the need to be a more global entity, and provide HR on a global scale. Colin said the company is working towards the ideal position - consistency of global processes while simultaneously ensuring reflection of local needs.

Colin said the company has worked on a regional basis in the past in terms of HR strategy, and now the business has to ensure it looks simultaneously at its local and global strategies.  Ultimately while globalisation of HR is key, to make an impact HR has to be seen to "benefit both ways".

Investment areas: For a company so steeped in technology, staff are more curious from a technical point of view. Therefore when looking at innovation and delivery of HR the company must consider:-

  • Technology to catch the eye of the staff
  • Innovation to capture the imagination and increase engagement

Technology is something which the company has embraced in its HR department for a couple of years already. It uses a cloud-based employee system, cloud for its HR data storage and offers self-service HR. These resources are also accessible via smartphone devices, apps, iPads and tablets.

The department is currently trialling some tools for management training within Telefónica. The company has a meeting with an interesting 'persuasive learning platform'. It’s in talks currently to develop a 90-minute workout, which in times when removing management-level staff for a few days of training is costly, can enable a more modern and interactive approach to L&D. 

Advice for potential suppliers: The decision-maker was of the personal opinion that bigger suppliers generally tend to be very sales-focused and push one of the core solutions they offer at you no matter what the specific problem is. Smaller startups which have been running for a couple of months or a year are generally more flexible, with fewer legacy habits.

He is keen to learn about innovation in HR from suppliers big and small. In terms of best times for engagement, the company has a wide learning plan which will be deployed and completed over the next 12 months surrounding the areas discussed. Full contact and social media details were given for clients approaching.