One report, multiple solutions…

Pearlfinders research is solution neutral. Our analysts’ goal is to uncover key challenges being faced by a brand without prescribing the solution. Many of our reports discuss multiple disciplines of marketing, empowering clients to approach with tailored solutions based on their area of specialism, while all aimed at solving the core challenge the brand faces.

Below is an example of a recent report we produced following a conversation with a newly appointed marketer at Revlon. During our research the Head of Marketing discussed a complete rethink of its entire Asian marketing strategy, how its looking for a new digital agency in the short-term, and longer-term needs to centralise its localised marketing into an all-encompassing plan for the continent. 

Having a solution to the underlying challenges being faced by marketers allows clients from all walks of marketing to connect with senior decision-makers in a uniquely relevant manner.

Revlon seeks agency support to boost APAC engagement and localise media content

The decision-maker: Pearlfinders interviewed a newly appointed Head of Marketing, who’s recently joined from Unilever. She is responsible for all marketing throughout Southeast Asia, working with distributors in local markets that handle domestic marketing.

The challenge: During the interview Pearlfinders was told that the challenge for Revlon in Southeast Asia is harmonising its brand message. Until now, each local market had the ability to invest in its own advertising and social strategy, which meant that often the message got lost and there was a lack of consistency. 

Immediate area of investment: It is seeking agency support of its move away from more traditional ATL channels in favour of four key digital areas, which are:-

  1. Content - It wants to create and be involved in topical discussion about the use of its products during events such as Chinese New Year, where this can then be adapted and tailored according the market.
  2. Social advertising - Revlon’s target customers are now active social media users, so it needs to step up paid channel investment. 
  3. Social listening - It wants to create a "social ecosystem" where it develops a map of how each social channel is used in each country. 
  4. Influencer marketing - With varying levels of digital maturity, each market needs to be approached on a case-by-case basis.

Action: There’s an immediate opportunity for digital and social specialists that can help the brand harmonise its Asian strategy. There will be longer-term opportunities for advertising, PR and branding specialists with headquarters in Singapore that can help the Asian team to implement a centralised marketing strategy for the continent, while maintaining local messaging priorities.