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"Like all businesses mine has challenges - some expected, some not. I need suppliers to proactively solve these so we can grow."
Pearlfinders' platform delivers uniquely tailored, compelling reasons to connect.
"I think Millennial is a mindset not an age group. How do we engage audiences with wide interests without lumping them together?"
Pearlfinders gets to the heart of the matter, questioning beyond the obvious to identify key challenges. It makes intelligent selling easier.
"Good timing. We'll shortly be announcing a review, but if anyone thinks they've best ideas on this they should just get in touch."
Talking to over 35,000 buyers a year about their plans allows a richer understanding of the needs of boardrooms than any other intelligence provider.
"With such an iconic brand my hands are tied in some areas but elements of marketing do need shaking up."
Pearlfinders tracks 20,000 job moves annually. Newly arrived decision-makers share with us agenda, preferences and ambitions for their brands.
"I want to create discussion around the brand wherever possible - on social media, in pubs and supermarkets."
We make sales activity more focused and profitable, mapping out business-cycles and best times to approach budget-holders.
"I need to improve speed of delivery on tech projects. We predict more disruptive entrants like Apple Pay, so have to be able to react fast."
Pearlfinders is helping the world's largest business suppliers up-their-game to higher value solution-selling.