Key Account TRACKING: Santander

Winning major accounts takes time, planning, and requires a thorough understanding of the changing priorities in the companies you’re targeting. Pearlfinders tracks developments at top spending companies, allowing clients to build a full picture of the real challenges being encountered, new faces joining the IT team, and any major new developments affecting how your prospects are approaching IT. 

December 2013 – Infrastructure & Videoconferencing 

The bank's Head of Internal Service Delivery told us it is looking expand use of videoconferencing and collaborative technologies to reduce travel costs. This requires both infrastructure investment and a cultural change among staff.

September 2014 – Still looking for the right solution

Now promoted from Head of Internal Service Delivery, Santander's Head of IT Engagement, Technology & Operations discussed the company's growth ambitions and customer focus with us. He remains interested in comms technologies including videoconferencing - where he has yet to find a suitable solution!

December 2014 – Seamless experience

Head of IT Engagement, Technology & Operations discussed management shakeup and then outlines the company-wide initiative to create seamless experience between branch, online and mobile.

March 2015 – mobility & digitisation

Head of IT Engagement, Technology & Operations now looking at mobility and digitisation - outlined complex internal structure for delivering technology projhects and key contacts for resellers to engage. 

July 2015 – Data & Security

Technical Support Senior Manager discussed the importance of data quality and security. As the bank has become more focused on mobility, security has risen up the agenda. 

march 2016 – paperless solutions

Enterprise Architect shared his challenge around sourcing paperless solutions - interested in approaches from suppliers that can offer innovative expertise on paperless solutions – both in terms of customer comms and internally. 

July 2016 – Hybrid CLoud

Enterprise Architect told us he's interested in hybrid cloud solutions to streamline and make processes “more simple and straightforward”. He also revealed that his quest to find the right paperless solutions providers is still ongoing.

January 2017 – FIRST CONTACT

Enterprise Architect tells us Santander is looking into modernising processes and improving efficiencies for staff and customers. January is an “interesting time” for Santander, being the start of its financial year and so the busiest time in terms of budgets being set and new projects being signed off - the best time for resellers to influence strategy.