Winning major accounts takes time, planning, and requires a thorough understanding of the changing priorities in the companies you’re targeting. Pearlfinders tracks developments at top spending companies, allowing clients to build a full picture of the real HR challenges being encountered, new faces joining the HR team, and any major new developments affecting your prospects.

may 2013 - A new Group HR Director

While the new Group HR Director wasn't set to take up her post until September, we got in touch to discuss the current setup and who suppliers should be building a relationship with in the meantime. With auto-enrollment successfully staged, the HR team was open to new benefits suggestions as they planned their next major initiative.

JUly 2013 - Pensions, culture & Employee COmms

The Director of Pensions spoke to us in detail about the company's approach to auto enrollment and where he felt additional support would add value. Specifically he wanted providers that could guide him on procedures for major initiatives, help him to create distinct company culture and assist with communication strategy. 

November 2013 - health and wellbeing

Following the company's expansion announcement, the Head of Reward outlined her two major priorities: health and wellbeing and flexible benefits platforms. She was interested to hear about new benefits coming on the market and from platform providers.

January 2014 - Senior Talent and Gender Diversity

The Head of Talent told us the company's key focus for 2014 would be developing gender diversity, particularly for management level. She recommended providers able to assist should send thought leadership on gender diversity.

June 2015 - critical illness & VOLUNTARY Benefits REVIEWS

The Benefits Manager was looking for a provider that could deliver critical illness cover to be in place for March 2016. She was also reviewing voluntary benefits providers with six months remaining on the current contract. 

June 2016 - re-evaluating all rewards

A year on, the Benefits Manager was looking to re-evaluate all reward providers and suggested they should approach via email initially as the company looks to reassess its set-up.

December 2016 - Engage staff, boost productivity!

People Manager, Reward discussed his aims to engage staff and boost productivity. The company is planning to make investments in communication and engagement, particularly with staff who don't have access to computers. He is also looking to be better able to adapt to legislative change, such as the recent Autumn Statement.